IROPRO Electronics and Technology

Founded in 2012, IROPRO Electronics Co. Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics. Its range of products include Windows Tablet PCs, Android Tablets, Mobile Phones, CCTVs, TV Boxes, Battery Tools and others. Our objectives are to provide consumers with the highest quality electronic products and solutions.

Innovate Product Design and Development

IROPRO is a high-tech company specializing in designing and manufacturing innovative products, including Tablet PCs, Mobile Phones, Electronic Accessories. We help bring products to the market faster and more cost effectively by providing a vertically integrated solution. With more than 100 employees, IROPRO provides comprehensive, customized solutions to customers. IROPRO has 6 primary departments for overall business. The individual business units provide full-function R&D, customer QA, engineering and customer service to meet customer requirements.

IROPRO places high importance on the quality of products and services delivered to its customers. To ensure a holistic approach to quality, the company applies total quality management principles across the organisation, adopting the best business practices. We are focused on and committed to our customers’ success and satisfaction. Our prosperity depends on providing quality products for your success, addressing your needs.

Electronics Technology, Innovative Products, Tablets PCs, Mobile Phones